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Why Do You Need Applicant Tracking Software?

Managing the applicant for the job position in a company is one of the toughest tasks that the manager ever got. However, technology provides a solution to this problem. It came in the form of Applicant tracking software. Today, all companies use this software to improve their efficiency in managing their recruitment process. So, here we are going to talk about this technology and what you can get from it.

What is Applicant Tracking Software?

Applicant tracking software is a system that allows you to track and filter all the applicant forms faster. This software has unique technology that can easily separate the best resume from your applicant. Thus, it will recommend the best applicants with the best resume to the interview stage. All those processes can be done in a matter of minutes. Its ability to check thousands of resumes at once will help you save more time, energy, and more importantly, the budget.

Benefits of Using Applicant Tracking Software

As we mentioned before, this software allows you to narrow down the applicant based on their resume easily. It improves your recruiting process efficiency. Your company will need this software, especially when you post the job availability or listing on the internet. It can easily get more applicants and resumes than the traditional method. Therefore, the software will help you to sort them out.

However, the most beneficial feature you can get from applicant tracking software is its ability to choose the best resume. This software has a unique AI system that mimics human thought when it checks the resume that your company receives.

Some people might love to do it manually because they can judge how good the resume is. However, humans have many limitations. When you get tired, your ability to judge and see the true value of the applicant will also decrease. Applicant tracking software doesn’t have that limitation, thus it can always provide the best result for you.

You also can save a lot of budgets. Installing the applicant tracking system might cost you a lot. However, if you compare it with hiring more people to help you check all resumes from the applicants, plus the time to do that, you know you save more money.

Furthermore, applicant tracking software is also necessary for recording the employees’ recruiting process. By using this software, you can easily meet the requirement of the Internet Applicant Record-Keeping Role set by the U.S. Department of Labor. Plus, the software also helps you to fulfill the rule set by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, where a company requires employing 100 people or more. It helps you avoid the legal problem in the future.


Applicant tracking software gives you more advantages than the old system. Moreover, today’s business environment is also a perfect place to apply this system as most of the elements are using the latest technology to compete with other companies. In short, if you want to make your company succeed, you will need high technology support. Applicant tracking software is one of them.