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What is Radio Celular?

Radio celular is one of the forms of radio wave emissions, which can also be a form of two-way communications between users by using radio waves as the conductor. Radio cellular is commonly and widely used in the field of mobile communication. For example, mobile phones and wireless modem. It was established for the first time in 1970 by Bell Telephone Company, which is a part of AT&T. Here is what you need to know more about radio cellular.

The Definition of Radio Cellular

There are several definitions of radio cellular. The first definition is according to FCF or Federal Communication Federation. According to FCF, radio cellular is a system with high capacity, where the radio spectrum in the system is divided into smaller work systems, which work in groups to cells geographically. The second definition is according to Layman, who mentioned that radio cellular is a system that uses radio transmissions instead of using real cables to accommodate communication needs, especially communication via telephones.

The Concept of Radio Cellular

The basic concept of the radio cellular technology is to utilize the amount of waves or frequency available in the region as maximum as possible. This maximum wave utilization is performed by the radio cellular system using the same frequency or waves in the region repeatedly. So, one frequency can be used for more than once to conduct the radio cellular waves. The working system of waves or frequencies that is used repeatedly in a particular area is to divide a geographic area or a wider area into smaller areas. The smaller areas are called cells.

The cells are arranged in groups and the existing bandwidth in the larger geographic area is divided according to the cells that are in smaller cell groups based on geographic area.

The Working System of Radio Cellular in Mobile Phones

Basically, the working system in radio cellular is analogous to work systems that work on technology in general. The radio cellular station is also known as Mobile Telephone Switching Office or Mobile Switching Center. These two radio cellular stations automatically function to control all calls made by user A to user B or coming from user B to user A on a mobile phone. This system works when the mobile phone is turned on, then the radio cellular waves in the mobile phone automatically look for signals around the place and forwarded in a larger area that is continuously monitoring the signal fencing at the regional level.

When a mobile phone receives a call from another mobile phone and the one receiving the call changes places, the cellular radio wave system must continually update its station according to the cell where it is when it makes the movement. When someone uses their mobile phone to make a call, the phone number they are dialing is locked by the terminal where the wave is transmitted. This information is transmitted back to the station via the nearest signal controller.

That is what you need to know about radio cellular.