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Webinar Platforms Can Empower Your Business

Webinars are a great way to interact with your audience directly. They’re like a Zoom meeting on steroids blended with a YouTube live stream. Because you can reach a much wider audience, webinars can be a great boost to your business. Due to the unique characteristics of webinars, it’s important to choose webinar platforms that can propel your next webinar to new heights.

What Can Webinar Platforms Do for Your Business?

Engage Your Audience

Zoom meetings are interactive and allow for everyone to participate in meaningful ways. But when you opt for a Zoom webinar, you can do things that are impossible in a standard zoom meeting. You can actually have up to 50,000 participants in a single Zoom webinar! Imagine reaching out to that many people at once.

Webinars are the perfect way to address customer concerns. You can have Q&A sessions as part of your webinar, giving you the opportunity to clear up any doubts your audience may have about your products or services. Overall, there’s no better way to engage a wide audience than with webinars.

Increase Sales

Webinars are frequently associated with informative talks and training sessions. While they’re naturally a perfect fit for these scenarios, you can also use them to launch products or services. They’re an excellent tool for sales when done right.

Your virtual product launch or the announcement of a new service can be done through a live webinar where you highlight the advantages of your latest offering. Using Q&A features, you can get direct feedback from your audience and use that to refine your new product or service in its early stages.

In addition, most webinars have follow-up features that let you send communications out to every attendant to gauge their interest in your products and services. Leverage all the tools of your webinar platform to maximize sales.

Create New Revenue Streams

Most businesses use webinars as an investment. You take some time to talk to your audience with the hope that this interaction will strengthen their loyalty to your brand. That, in turn, will lead to more sales and a better reputation on the market.

But what if your webinar could actually be a product that people wanted to buy? Perhaps you have some industry knowledge that people would pay to hear. Maybe your webinars can be an extension of your regular services. This is especially common in consulting businesses.

A good webinar platform will have attendance management features that allow you to sell access to your webinar. You can also do follow-up surveys to see how much your attendees enjoyed your webinar.

What Is the Best Webinar Platform?

Check out some of our in-depth reviews to learn more about a specific webinar platform. However, in general, we highly recommend GoToWebinar and Zoom Webinars for most users. Zoom’s webinars use a familiar interface and have an incredible capacity. GoToWebinar is currently the market share leader in this category and has strong management tools.