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Understanding Bulk Ping Service

The website visitor can tell the life of that website. Without visitors, we can consider that website is over. So, how can we get more visitors to our website? There are millions of ways to do that. You can use ads, promote it on social media, or you also can use the bulk ping service. What does this service do and what benefits can we get from it?

What is Bulk Ping Service?

A bulk ping service is a place where you can get a huge number of pings for your website. This service provider helps you to send a ping to the search engines, so whenever you update your website, those search engines will be notified. It means you don’t have to do the hard job to promote your website for better search engine page rank results. The service will do it for you.

What are the Benefits of Bulk Ping Service?

You can get various benefits from this service. However, many people use it to get one thing. They want to let more people know about their website. It is a part of the marketing strategy that many people use, and you also can use it. 

As we mentioned before, the search engines will know if your website has newly uploaded content. That is not all. This service also sends notifications to blog networks and web directories. By sending it to the blog network, there will be a chance that other blog owners will write something about your website. Or, they also can share the content that you just uploaded to your website.

On the other hand, the web directory will always be updated with your website’s new content. So, it can provide recommendations for its user to use your website’s new content. As you can see, all of these will help you to get more attention from more people. That will increase your web traffic. If you use your website as an online store, you also get a higher chance for people to buy or use your service.

That is all the benefits for your website. Now, let’s see the benefits of the service itself. Why should we get a bulk ping service? The answer is you get a lot of ping with just using it. Rather than using a manual way that could take forever to produce the result, this service is much better. With one click, you can produce a huge number of pings.

Many of the bulk ping service providers are available for free. You save more money and get a better result from it. However, you also can try the paid ones. Most of them offer much better service, like more pings, extra service like IT consulting and such, plus many other marketing tools you can use.


Now, we believe you know why you should get this service. They are available for free. So, you can use it without worries. However, we also need to remind you that you have to limit your ping activity. Otherwise, your website will be considered a spammer and get blacklisted. So, get your bulk ping service now!