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Reasons You Need A Corporate Video Production Strategy

You need to cover yourself when you are developing a corporate video production strategy. Gone are the days where you can focus on writing and publishing content on your blog. Nowadays, you need to go above and beyond when you are crafting content. The key is taking your message and delivering it in a variety of different ways. Video is one of the more important types of media you will need to create. Here are a few of the reasons you should be looking to incorporate more corporate video production into your marketing mix.

  1. Everyone Has A Different Consumption Method

One of the things you need to realize is that everyone is different in terms of how they enjoy consuming content. After all, there are different types of learners in this world. When it comes to providing content, you want to educate. Whether you are teaching someone why they need your service or how they can use your product, you will be educating them. Regardless of what you are selling, the goal of your content creation should be educating your target audience about what you are offering.

When you are sticking to creating written content, you are only going to be reaching a single type of person. You will be catering to those that learn through written form. By crafting and publishing videos, you can cater to a whole new audience that will enable you to reach more people. You will cater to visual and auditory learners and you will even be able to reach kinesthetic learners that take a much more hands-on approach when they are learning.

By making a concerted effort to get more video production into your content creation efforts, you can attract a much wider scale of prospective consumers. You can even incorporate written content into your videos to attract and cater to both. This will not only make your content better, but it can help you gain in the organic ranks. There are no limits to what you can do. You can even scrape the audio of your video and turn it into an audio-only file that people can download and listen to if they don’t want to watch a video.

  1. Google Loves Videos

Google loves videos. It should be fairly obvious why Google loves video as a medium. After all, they purchased YouTube and have turned it into the number two most visited website in the world. If you aren’t convinced that Google loves video, you might want to take a look at the search engine results. You’ll see that videos rank very high within the search engine rankings. In the organic results, you’ll see that Google features a lot more than links to websites in its rankings. You’ll find that videos are some of the first things you see when you search for a keyword or phrase. Wondering how this could help? Think about this. If you own a tire company that sells tires, imagine ranking high within the search engine rankings for the key phrase, “how to change a tire.”

Online Video Search Results

For a business to be able to fully capitalize on this sport, they would need to ensure they have a link to their website within the video and in the description. After all, anyone who is watching the video might be interested in buying a tire and changing them themselves. Continue here to learn more about how different videos on YouTube’s platform can help you boost your website’s search engine rankings.

  1. They Are Easy To Share

One of the main reasons videos are such a powerful type of media has to do with them being so shareable. It can be incredibly easy to share a video or even to embed a video into a site. Because of this, you are likely to get a lot more views because people are so interested in sharing their favorite videos with their friends. Meaning, if you create a good message with the videos you make, you won’t have to invest too much time and energy figuring out how to generate more shares. Once you put the video out there, you’ll find that it gets shared organically. This post features 10 different ways to embed a video onto a webpage.

Getting your videos out there and promoting them doesn’t have to be too difficult. There are plenty of easy ways to get started yourself. You can begin by posting it on your website, your social media platforms, and your blog. Every time a video gets shared, it is going to get boosted by YouTube and Google’s algorithms because they are constantly looking to promote viral videos.

The Best Part

By incorporating video into your digital marketing strategy, you will be able to ease off the creation of written content. Creating a lot of unique and high-quality written content can be very difficult. By focusing more on your videos, it can make it much easier to have quality content consistently and it can make it much more likely for your content to go viral.