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How to Select the Best CNC Machine for Your Production

Computer numerical control (CNC) machines use computerized controls to shape, manufacture, and remove metal. There are five major types of CNC machines: CNC plasma cutters, CNC milling machines, CNC drilling machines, CNC lathes, and CNC grinders.

CNC machining carries many advantages to any production as they can be applied in various fields, including; automotive, electronics, medical, dental milling, aerospace, firearms, manufacturing, transportation, military, construction, agriculture, production, marine, and publishing.

Some of the significant advantages of CNC machining include;

  • High production rates with quick deliveries of standardized products
  • Provide useful, convenient, and accurate production for bulk quantities
  • Lower costs as it saves on time and money since the process requires less workforce
  • Reduces the amount of waste material
  • Eliminates human errors that can lead to costly repercussions
  • Improves the safety of the workplace by eliminating injury risks
  • Able to work 24/7 without taking breaks or getting tired
  • Uniformity in all end products
  • Its ability to store various design programs for future use.

Although CNC machines are usually costly and they require a lot of functional floor space, we can agree that the advantages outweigh these disadvantages. However, to reduce the high costs of investing in this equipment, it is advisable to use an offshore CNC machine as it allows you to increase your production rates at lower prices.

So, how can you be able to know which CNC machine is perfect for your production? Below, we will look at some of the things you should consider when selecting a CNC machine.


To make the best model selection, it is important to consider your product and the processes required for its production. Your selected model should be able to meet your processing requirements while guaranteeing lower risks and lower production costs.

CNC System

When selecting the CNC system, it is good to keep in mind that a machine can be equipped with various techniques. This enables the device to perform different tasks. There are some essential factors that you should consider when selecting the CNC system, such as; the system’s service life, the ease to use and maintain the machine, and the performance of the device against its price.


It is good to select a CNC machine that will give you perfect precision. CNC machines have 20-30 items for accuracy inspection. However, the main characteristics that you should look out for when selecting the precision ability of the CNC machine include;

  • Single-axis placement precision
  • Single-axis recurrence placement precision
  • The roundedness of the trial part produced by concurrent machining of the above two axes

The accuracy of repeat positioning usually reflects the precision of each mobile part of the axes. The single-axis positioning precision refers to the fault range when aligning at any given point within the shaft’s knock. This reflects the accuracy of the machining tool. On the other hand, the repeat positioning precision demonstrates the axis’s stability at any given point of the shaft. This helps in determining whether the shaft is capable of working sturdily and consistently.

Main Feature Specification

The main feature specification of the CNC machine should be selected based on the specified variety of distinctive workpiece of the machining proportions. Most CNC machines have different axes ranging from 2-axis to 5-axis. Based on your product’s understanding and the processes involved in its production, knowing the total number of axes you want in a machine becomes much easier.

For example, you would require a 2.5 axis CNC machine for drilling purposes, while tasks that involve multidimensional movement and rotation of tools would require a 5-axis CNC machine.


Equipped with this knowledge, it becomes relatively easy to select the best CNC machine for your production. The benefits of CNC machining cannot be compared to conventional machining. Whether you want to invest in a CNC machine either by buying or outsourcing, follow the above guides, and you will be assured of selecting the perfect CNC machine for your production.