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Drone Specialist for Your Recording Needs

The rapid growth of drone technology has opened the gate to let creativity reach a higher summit. It is shown clearly how this technology changes the movie industry. Even if it is not a movie, the way we record and inspect an object or area from the sky gives us more perspective than the old-stationed camera work. That is what  does. So, here, we will learn about what Droneify offers to you.

Movie Recording

Droneify has worked along with many production companies in Sweden. They help those companies to get a new perspective of their movie and video. Moreover, Droneify also provides various types of equipment for this recording need. It includes a high-tech drone, like Inspire 2, and the best pilot system with various choices of video format and mode from 6K CinemaDNG to 4K Ultra.

Commercial Video

You also can use the Droneify service to make a commercial video. They will help you with anything, including recording with a drone, and even add music, graphic, and your brand logo. Once they finish your project, you can use it directly for marketing and promotion campaigns. It is all ready to post on a website, social media, or display/playing it on the big screen in your store.

Taking Pictures

Droneify also offers the still image and drone photo service. The drone they are using for this service has features to capture an image in the highest resolution. Therefore, the result of the drone-view image will be the best and it gives you all details of the object of the photo. It is a good service to create a beautiful panoramic image of an area. Or, you also can use it to help you create an artistic photo for your gallery.

Area Inspections

With the high-tech drone that Droneify has, you also can ask them to inspect a certain area. You will get more ranges and it covers a bigger sized area than the traditional inspection method. Furthermore, the high-resolution feature also gives you better details from better views. It will create the best inspection result that you won’t get from other methods.

More importantly, the drone inspection service also is safer than manual inspection. You can control it from afar. What’s more, if the area that you want to inspect is dangerous or difficult to reach manually, the drone can easily observe that area from the sky.

Events and Others

The drone service is also available for recording a musical event, festival, sport match, or any other events. It gives you a better view and magical scenery you can’t get from the ground. Moreover, it is also useful on the construction site to see the project progress from above.


Droneify gives you the best solution for video and image recording purposes. They can do anything that you want. You also get the best and unique result from its recording. Do you want to know more about how this Sweden-based company work and their service?.