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AirPods Pro Battery Issues and The Way to Handle Them

AirPods give a significant difference in the earphone technology. Nowadays, you can listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks, or other audio content without being disturbed by the cable. AirPods is a wireless device and uses a battery. The AirPods Pro battery is durable and long enough to support your need to listen to favorite audio content for a few hours.

The Battery Life of AirPods 

When the battery is fully re-charged, you can use AirPods Pro for up to 6 hours of listening time. The lifespan is 4 hours if using it for talking. So, why do some users report different battery life experiences? Yes, it can be.

It depends on how you set the volume, which model you use, and what features you use. The higher the volume level, the more energy is needed. That’s why you may recharge the battery, although you still use it for less than 6 hours or even 4 hours. Some users may turn off the spatial audio so they can use this product longer.

The Recharging Time 

You should recharge the AirPods Pro battery for at least 15 to 20 minutes to make it nearly full charge. The good news for AirPods Pro or 3rd generation is that the company supports you with the MagSafe charging case.

This tool supports you to get up to 30 hours of listening time and 20 hours of talk time after being fully recharged. A five-minute charge gives you an extra one hours of listening or talk time. The AirPods second generation gives 5 hours of listening time and 3.5 hours of talk time.

Charging this device for 15 minutes can add up to 180 minutes of listening time and 120 minutes of talk time. The longer you charge the AirPods, the longer you can use this device.

The Issues of AirPods Pro Battery 

We can’t doubt that wireless earbuds have a problem with their battery. The battery lifespan is getting shorter and affects the performance of the AirPods. The more you charge the battery, the shorter the battery lifespan.

At a certain point, the battery doesn’t work anymore and needs to be replaced. In the case of AirPods Pro, the manufacturer is using a lithium-ion coin cell battery. The performance of the battery often starts to reduce to 80% after 500 or more charge cycles.

It means that you can use the AirPods with maximal battery performance for two to three years. Experts suggest you replace the battery when it starts to drop below 80%.

Tips to Make AirPods Pro Battery Last Longer 

Despite the issue above, you can still try to keep the battery last longer. The charging method is crucial. You would better wait until the battery is fully recharged before using it again. Don’t use the AirPods while charging them.

Remember! The more you charge a day, the shorter the battery lifespan. In case the battery is breaking down, you can use the service from Enerart to replace it. You need help from the expert to replace the AirPods Pro battery to prevent any risk that may damage the device.