Late last night after a 5 and-a-half hour marathon city council meeting,
in which 72 speakers took the floor to express the need for the Occupy OC
Tent Village to be accepted as a form of free speech, the city council
passed an emergency motion to add the needs of “The 99%” to their official
agenda. This was a feat which, according to one more conservative
Councilman, he had never seen in 7 years of service.

The council members each spoke in turn to the civility, articulateness and
peaceful process represented by the Irvine Occupation at contrast with the
several other Occupational Villages in California, which were, at that
very moment being tear-gassed. The general sentiment of the officials being: “This is quite
clearly the model. And the occupation most in tune with city needs.”

One councilman stated clearly, “I disagree with most of what you’’re
saying. But you’ve clearly shown that this is an issue of free speech. So
if you need to sleep on our lawn,… by all means,… sleep on our lawn.”

Shortly after, a motion was brought to the council to grant license to the
occupiers to occupy the public space overnight citing the unusual form of
the movement. (Another first in council history.)

It was then passed unanimously to the sound of thunderous applause.

Shortly thereafter, the City Council was invited to attend the General
Assembly of the People. (Which takes place each night in the Occupation
Village at 7:00 PM.)

On a personal note,… I myself was stopped by the Mayor on my way up the
hall, when he said, “You know what concerns me?” “What’s that”, I asked.
Expecting him to cite a civil code. – “Do you have enough blankets? Or
should I get you some?” He asked.

And that… my friends… is a reason for hope.

Video to be provided in short order.


  1. It was indeed a moment of complete joy when the council unanimously agreed to allow OOC Irvine the right to occupy the lawn in front of the Civic Center 24/7. I went in with a cynical hopefulness and left completely proud to be an American that just witnessed true democracy in action. Many thanks to the Mayor, the City Council and City Staff that have worked to help make this a peaceful occupation and set the model for cities across America to emulate.

    • Ditto for me! Not often enough do you leave council chambers with a feeling of hope. “Peaceful” demonstrations is definitely where its at…and “Democracy in Action” are my new slogans for the future. Thank you Irvine City Council, I guess I will put away my passport for now. LOL

      • I was blown away by our village and that we carried a message that is not just our personal own message, but we also voiced the message for those in other “ilegal” occupations that are being decimated. This unprecedented victory will be a light of hope. Thank You Irvine City Council for listening.

    • I’m curious. If you’re squatting on their property, where are you “Squatting” on their property? And why Don’t you have jobs? I don’t have the luxury to whine about unfairness because I’m NOT a millionaire, because I get up, get dressed, and go to work (to earn a living and pay taxes). I bet there’s a “Help Wanted” section in YOUR local newspaper that’s full of want ads, isn’t there?

      • Many of the participators, like myself, have a job. Some not only have ONE job, either. Those who participate join when they can – I go to my local occupy group around work. Others are not so fortunate to be employed, what with the millions of layoffs in our country. I worked for a small business before they were forced to close due to a lack of profit, and it took two months of solid job-hunting before I could even land another at a /dry cleaners./ It’s the people the economy has effected so severely where their skills have been cut back in the work force, that can stay day and night at their local occupy, and frankly, I’m very grateful. I’m grateful someone can stay for those who have a complicated schedule to work with. The elderly also play a role in the percentage of participators that are unemployed. There are many who are physically unable to work, and those living on retirement they spent their whole lives building. (only to receive a mere 700 a month, mind you.)

        • You are trying to reason with someone who has been so molded by the machine that he cannot understand what you are saying. Pity George, but leave him to his ignorance. He is comfortable in his world, and fears any ripples you cause.

          • No No No….Sydney responded perfectly to George. The George’s of our communities need to be educated regarding the truth of the movement, not excluded and marginalized. You may not be able to break through the years of corporate brainwashing but without rational reasoned discourse you don’t even have a chance. If George is too busy working to realize what is happening here, then most likely HE too is struggling to survive on billionaires crumbs. George *IS* the 99%, he is just too tired and exploited to realize it!

          • I agree with Apophenia – Sydney’s response to George was appropriate, respectful, and sought to increase understanding. Why discourage that? We need more of that! If we are truly the 99% we can’t automatically dismiss people just because they question us. Many of those who are the 99% don’t yet see how their interests are tied with ours. Ridiculing them will not help them see – in fact, it only justifies distrust. Respectful dialogue is the only way to win people over.

          • So, how does ‘camping-out’ accomplish anything?

            Occupy is a psy. op. serving the same old usual suspects, I believe you call them the “1%.”

            It is the “occupiers” who are demonstrating how ‘molded’ by the machine one can be.


            George Soros (and Co…) are very pleased with how the “occupy” movement is responding to the commands.


            For the ‘mob’ who’ll march on Saturday for the “Robin Hood” Tax


            Yeah, “occupiers” march for the UN (world government? taxation, how liberating an idea!

            “Occupy/occupation…” only a ‘certain conditioned’ mind could use those words in the same sentence as “freedom, democracy…”

          • Bob, your post is funny … and your links do not at all support your claims.

          • I hope you’ve got your bunker well stocked Bob. David Icke told me the Illuminati and Reptillians are coming to get you for exposing the truth to us sheeple!

          • Stone…leave him to his ignorance? Are you kidding me? What is one thing the people in this movement are fighting for…fairness? Why are earth would you disregard and alienate another human being and their opinion? Because it differs from yours? Try educating those who do not agree or agree to disagree but don’t ever ignore…it only shows your ignorance and weakens your cause. And it certainly isn’t representative how things should work in this country and what some are fighting for so desperately!

          • Yes, we do need some civility, and, yes, we are trying to educate.

            The best we can is to continue, and keep on protesting. For those who don’t understand what our point is, WILL. For those who don’t understand how this leads to change, WILL.

            We won’t have to convince these people with words here. Our collective actions will speak so much louder. When they rail against US it’s only because they do see this somehow making a difference and that change is coming.

            Why they comment as they do, against the movement, is not because they are confused but rather they are trying tear it down. Just like what went down in Oakland, but they got the opposite.

            Those who comment here who railing against our movement should give us strength to persevere. We engage by action of staying in the streets.

            They are in the laughing phase, they ridicule US, call us silly. They tried to ignore US, they can’t, they make US out to silly and confused.

            We are WINNING, the fight is coming next. All of US are ready. We are ready to fight for what we believe and the truth is on our side.

            Keep fighting, we are WINNING………we are together and there’s too many of US now to be ignored so their coming after US.

            See you on the streets, we will all be there.

        • Thankyou for addressing those who do not understand. You put it quite elegantly. The Occupiers stand for all those who cannot stand for themselves. These are our representatives. These occupiers are our hope for the future.

        • Bob, I think you are the psy op.

          you are serving the very masters you purport to reject.

          very slick. compliments to you as the most outstanding chimera on this thread so far!

        • It is actually really sad that someone is so enslaved by the system that they feel (and indeed probably quite rightly) that they have no time to even protest at what an enormous injustice it is to be so enslaved by a so called free society. You should be working so that you have some means to enjoy the part of your life that is not working to make someone else fat, not just to keep a roof over your head and eat. Now you can realise why life is so difficult for those who sadly have time to protest, and no job to go to. I doubt there are very many millionaires there, being that the protest appears to be about the unfair distribution of wealth.

        • sydney, I just wanted to say thank you for your well-expressed point, I had been searching for the words to respond to a friend of mine asking similar questions, and your response was perfect. I hope you don’t mind if I quoted your text to him. :)

          • I feel honored (: a lot of people I know disagree with the movement, so it’s encouraging to see this.

      • no sir there isnt for every job out there vacant theres thousands of application pouring in. most dont leave a business name or contact info so you just gotta hope that someone reads the application. and hope is what got us in this mess. Hoping that the government will do something about the lack of jobs. hoping that voting for an elected official and hoping that things will get better. if you have a job be grateful as i am grateful that those that dont fight for me and for us

        • Are those insisting people “get a job” offering any jobs to anyone? Why is that those who should be sympathetic to the plight of their brothers & sisters so hateful of them?

      • “Their” property? This isn’t some private estate. It’s city hall. No, no, it’s the taxpayer’s lawn. Get it straight.

      • dude, i fully support this movement. i also have a job and get up early everyday and go to work and pay the same taxes you do. living life in this age of time is extremely hard. you bust your ass to make minimun wage and youve got all your bills to pay (water, gas, electric, car insurance, etc. etc.) and with gas being almost $4 a gallon, lifes not easy man. its incredibly unfair that me and you pay higher taxes than those who makes $1 million+ in a single year. i dont see how you dont get that. thats the main purpose of this movement. so people like me and you who work hard for our money and barely get by can have a decent life. why are you against that?

        • These economic problems that people in general are now feeling and reacting to have been part of daily life for black folks for generations. Just wanted to point that out. Keep up the resistance!

          • You are so right. African Americans have been dealing with this crap forever, having been on the receiving end of the Plutocracy’s effort to “divide and conquer” estranging natural economic allies against each other. Hell, most of the followers of the far right will tell you their hideously over-taxed incomes are decimated to pay for “lazy welfare loafers” which is code for you know what.

            Bigger lies have seldom been told but one thing the Plutocrats and their mostly Republican puppets have no compunction against doing is lying. If they told the truth about what they were really up to, no one would vote for them! So they tell big lies, the bigger the better and through the power of repetition, integrate these falsehoods directly into the workdview of their adherents who are literally so brainwashed they will reject the provable truth if it comes from anywhere but their approved sources of information, mostly Fox (cough cough) “News”.

            Of course, the truth won’t be coming from there and we won’t be getting through to most wingnuts- their politics aren’t informed by facts but by affirmations of their nasty and brutish worldview. And that’s a fact.

      • “Squatting” is a legal term and you are not using it correctly. Look it up! “Their property?” It is public property and the public hearing was about public use of public property. Finally, the tea dumped into Boston Harbor was untaxed and deregulated global corporate cargo; “Reganomics” as it is called today.” It’s not just about tea anymore, it’s all goods sold! Anymore questions?

      • Most of us go to work too. This is what we do with our spare time. If you actually pay attention and read what we stand for(it’s all over the place online if you look, don’t listen to the news reports because they represent the 1%) you would be spending your spare time out there as well. Did you know because of the governments mess ups and bail outs every citizen now owes 45k to make up for it? If you do know that and are ok with it, I will send you the bill for my 45k. If you have kids, each one of them is also now responsible for 45k just for being born. Now if you think this is fair, fine, keep going to work and stick your head in that sand everyday. Guess what though, your life will never get any better. The deck is stacked against you my friend. The only way for us to improve our standard of living is to change corporate policy and to make it illegal for corporations to donate to elections or campaigns. It’s America for the people by the people, not for the corporations by the corporations.

      • Yes, there is a “Help Wanted” section in my local newspaper.

        Unfortunately that section is empty.

        I wouldn’t have to Occupy Wall Street if Wall Street wouldn’t have taken away my occupation.

      • Flamer: someone who says something inflammatory (“throws a flame”) in hopes of engaging others in battle. See example above. If no fuel is added to the fire, it dies out. :-)

      • Yeah, George, the founding fathers were whiners when the complained about taxation without representation … they should have been busy working, not throwing corporate tea into the harbor! And those people who whined for the right to vote, to sit at lunch counters, for clean air and water and safe food, and the Egyptians and Libyans .. how do they find the time? They should be busy like George, whining about whining!

        As for those help wanted ads … there are 5 applicants for each opening. But George is too busy to do the math, to educate himself, to think.

      • In case you haven’t heard, this country and the State of California is in a severe recession. Due to the seriousness of the recession, brought on mainly by Wall Street and the 1% that own it, there is a severe job shortage. Also, debt incurred by college students has surpassed credit card debt in this country and they are not finding jobs after graduation to repay this debt. So while you are getting up each morning from your comfortable bed, in your comfortable house, wearing your comfortable clothes, driving your comfortable car going to your job which you should be grateful that you still have, they are sleeping in their tent and sleeping bags on property that belongs to them just as much as any other person so that they can demonstrate their right to protest against the inequalities and injustices in the political and economic system in this country. As loyal Americans, they would love to be employed so that they could pay taxes that provide for the services you and I use everyday even during these tough times. Please open your eyes and look around. Not everyone is as fortunate as they should be. Although we may not be you, you are still part of us, the 99%

      • Obviously your job is good enough to allow you to afford home internet service and the luxury of time to troll the internet making pointless comments. I know plenty of people who aren’t so lucky even though they work upwards of 70 hours a week. Is that what you want? Most Americans too browbeaten and exhausted to exercise their right to free speech? Sounds more like North Korea than America to me.

      • you really are joking, right? plenty of jobs are there? millions and millions are unemployed and you think there are jobs? and you do realize that many of those “occupying” are college students earning high grades, don’t you? and that many, many more are hard working americans with JOBS … right?
        yup, i’m sure of it. you are only joking!

      • Have you picked up a local newspaper and perused the classifieds in the last year?
        Five years ago they were loaded with employment opps. Today the same weightiness of the classifieds is filled with legal notices of ‘Substitute Trustee Sales’. Funny thing is, even all these foreclosures aren’t really creating any new jobs, as the banks are simply bidding them back in at the foreclosure auctions that Licensed Auctioneers are locked out of doing, and the banks simply sit on the property and let the elements erode away any thing that was good about the house. Not to mention the scrappers who come through in the middle of the night and steal the copper, or the gangs that just move in and take it over. There are entire neighborhoods now that are ghost town developments that were never finished and are completely occupied by gangs.

      • “City property” belongs to the people of the city. That’s why YOU pay taxes to maintain it. That’s why YOU elect the city council to run the city as YOU see fit. That’s why You pay your taxes for the city police to protect and serve YOU. The city is not some entity unto itself. We govern it. We OWN it. Therefore, it is OURS. So people of the city are not squatting on “their” property. How ignorant can you be? Are you familiar with the phrase “There, but for the grace of God, go I.” What will happen to you if you lose your job? You will be at the mercy of the 1% of Americans who control over 40% of the wealth. THEY will determine whether they HIRE you or not. THEY will determine whether YOU will be able to feed YOUR family or not. What if you keep your job but your house burns down? Do you really think that insurance will be enough to get you and your family back on your feet? Do you think you will not have to reach outside your stable little circle and ask for help perhaps from some type of social services program…Fema…the Red Cross, Welfare? You need to research what the Occupy Wall Street platform is all about before you make such ridiculous comments!

      • this “cliché” is already getting old… Could you try and be a little more creative, or is your job robbing you of that faculty?

      • First of all, it is not really “their” property. The members of the city counsel do not “own” the property. If anyone owns the property it is the people who wish to use it for real and very serious expression.

      • This is what happens when you have people on never ending unemployment benefits and all sorts of welfare programs. All the rest of us work and pay our taxes to pay their way. Now, Irvine will be sorry as they will have a tent city of sqatters, freeloaders and beggars that will never go away.

        The squatters will get more $$$ from the DNC, Acorn, the Communist party and the unions. I would say that the most important thing for the 53 % of us that do pay taxes to do about these freeloaders is to end their never ending unemployment and welfare checks. Then, they will have to look for work, instead of disturbing the peace and living off of those who do work and pay taxes to support this bunch of hyppocrites, Socialists, Marxist freeloaders!

      • We all respect the fact that you have got a rather lousy job which affords you the money to buy copious amounts of toilet paper so you can indulge in your more-than-regular master of bation sessions. But that is hardly worth our concern (rather than the clear environmental concerns which have been initiated by your reckless overuse of bathroom tissues. Now, autoeroticism aside. these individuals have every right to voice their concerns in public, just as you have the right to make a complete and utter ass of yourself on a public message board. However, In your selfassmakingness, you are denying their rights, which by logic would deny your right to be an assmaker of oneself. So, in short, your behavior is absurd and uncalled for. We, the people of the world, suggest that you invest in a rather large supply of washable, reusable hankies and get back to wanking yourself off.

      • Why such a negative attitude, George? Don’t assume or imply that the 99% protesters are lazy and do not want to work. This is a standard and stale response from those who are conservative and fear change or any challenge to the power structure. I guess the next criticism will be that the protesters need a shower or a haircut. If you look honestly at your life you will probably see that you are working real hard but not getting to far ahead. How much vacation time to you take every year? How much does your medical insurance cost? Where will you and your family be if you lose your job? Are you aware that productivity of American workers is way up but wages are stagnant or down? America needs to break free of the Calvanist and Puritan hold on our culture. Life is meant to be lived and not only to be enslaved to the workplace and the treadmill of work and material accumulation. People need time off from work and a secure retirement after working 30+ years of their life. Yes, society can be structured this way if enough people want it. First you need to be courageous enough to break the chains that bind you and enslave you to the current system. There are other ways to be!

      • if you really were curious, geaorge, you would think more before making statements like that. get more information !!

      • The fact that you don’t see what’s going on in our country in terms of the loss of jobs that actually pay a living wage shows your real lack of comprehension. Even if you are correct and there is a proportion of people who are just “whining” that still does not explain away the MILLIONS of people without pensions , jobs , healthcare or proper public and secondary education. Your logic is not sound and you really need to take a second look at your judgmental attitude. For every person out on the streets in the occupy protests there are 1,000 people behind that person that for whatever reason, are not able to march or are supporting the movement in other ways.. Additionally, there are millions protesting all over the world for the same reason: Corporate greed and govt takover with no concern about the welfare of it’s people. Wake up!

    • Now they just need to pass something like this in Washington state so people like myself don’t have to hide our tents in the woods of the public parks =/

  2. The Mayor and Council are true/ly American Politicians/Servers of the Public ,
    what many in DC have forgotten (amongst the Lobbyists & Big Concerns ).

    BRAVO !

    • Yes, many thanks and kind regards to the city council. In this time when the lines are finally being clearly drawn between freedom and tyranny, we will all necessarily choose on which side we stand.

  3. May other cities follow by example.
    A glimmer of hope shall grow.

    I am part of the 99% in Colorado!

  4. No, actually there aren’t pages of jobs. Just a few and they don’t pay enough to support a family. Not even a small one.

  5. KUDOS Irvine!!! Be proud! and thanks to the officials who honored democracy! Not all is lost! Thank you, Mayor, for looking out!! ((hugs)) to the People. Thank you for defending our rights!!! we love you!

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  7. First, from OC originally and if I’d read in the beginning that this happened in IRVINE, I’d have lost it because when I was living there, Irvine was the poster-child for excess and lavishness.


    I’m a recent transplant to Oakland and it’s amazing to me that what was a peaceful protest has turned this way, and all because of the outside forces brought in by an already depleted PD to deal with ‘miscreants’.

    Stay strong!

  8. So maybe you can show the way to change, I suggest you bring back the Constitution of the United States and its common laws, respect the property rights of land owners, prosecute those that commit fraud on homeowners, teach the city Police to respect the citizens who pay them, make sure that justice in court is just, remove the corporate money and its control from our lives completely, close the Federal Reserve, Tax the rich, bring back the laws that controlled Wall Street, jail the bankers who did wrong, and forgive all student debt, effective in the instant.

  9. I am so glad the majority was heard. I am ashamed I’m not out there with you. Tell us chickens and lazy people how to support you — food? Water? Beer? Thank you for your dedication, efforts and now, achievements.

    • :) Thanks everyone. — Right now we just need spare tents & sleeping bags, and those big plastic tubs that function like giant tupperware to protect our perishables at night. :)

  10. Wait – we are talking about Orange County California right? The most conservative place in the universes. This must be a mistake – or some kind of joke, right?

    • When you are up for reelection and a new movement has 54% of the people supporting it….You do what you have to do for a chance of reelection….

      • Rob, also puzzled of what transpired these last few days. A democrat mayor unleashes police to gas and beat demonstrators in the most liberal corner in the world (Bay Area), while in a conservative enclave, dominated by republicans, they welcome them with open arms? WTF?… Now I am confused…

        • There are times that the world makes no sense.

          Sometimes the liberals are the good guys.

          Sometimes the conservatives are the good guys.

          They’re all people, and, deep down, most of them are good people, they sometimes forget who they are and where they come from.

          I might be naive, but I have hope that this movement secedes and that more cities allow protestors to stay.

          Like the one councilman said “I don’t agree with it, but I won’t stop you.” (Paraphrased, of course)

  11. I’m from Costa Mesa and much of my family is still there. I fled Orange County in the nineties because of its politics. This is astounding. Perhaps I need to come “home” for a visit.
    Way to go. Big love from San Francisco from a former denizen of “goat-hill!”

  12. Beautiful news despite the tragedy surrounding Oakland’s recent protests.

    Solidarity from Stillwater, OK! Oklahoma is with you all, congratulations – you did us all PROUD!

  13. Hellllll yesssss! I’m ecstatic for you guys! And the hope that it will bring to other occupations…much needed. This is OUR country and we WILL occupy it. Power to the people. Much love and peace from Occupy Long Beach.

    P.S. we should take field trips to visit each other! :)

  14. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! This is a significant moral victory in a immoral world.
    We here in Fort Smith, Arkansas are still in the planning stages and this will give us hope to continue. We are with you in spirit and hopefully someday in Occupying The World.
    Love you

  15. Orange County, California is one of the most conservative counties in the United States. It traditionally votes right wing Republican. This is absolutely amazing. Oakland and San Francisco could learn from this example. Kudos to Orange County for getting it right.

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  17. “The council members each spoke in turn to the civility, articulateness and
    peaceful process represented by the Irvine Occupation at contrast with the
    several other Occupational Villages in California, which were, at that
    very moment being tear-gassed. The general sentiment being: “This is quite
    clearly the model. And the occupation most in tune with city needs.””

    This bothers me on various levels. First, this is simply an arrogant statement. Whoever wrote this needs to check their ego at the door because this is not the only ‘legal’ protest. Second, this group is not as lower-income, brown, use to police brutality or governmentally sanctioned mistreatment as those part of other Occupy groups in other areas. Many people in the OC area have privileged backgrounds, comfy lives, and easy access to higher-education. So if ‘articulate’ means the schools you went to had books that had every page, parents that could afford for you to take the college prep exams, and college was given, then ‘articulate’ you are. Lastly, not every majority of Occupy group has such a good rapport with government officials or could get such a positive result from a sit down. Many other Occupy groups such as LA and Oakland have a large number of poor people of color. Let’s be honest, politicians don’t care so much about these groups, so a large number of people from them will be much lower on any politician’s priority list. So please, next time you begin to write something like this, think outside of your comfy OC bubble and think of the bigger picture. Yes, you’re also upset with the system and are protesting just like other Occupiers, but not everyone protesting is as privileged as you.

    • I did not hear the City Council transcripts as I do not live in California and cannot vouch specifically to what was said but I interpreted the “contrast” statement as a comparison between the way the authorities and decision-makers in this area are contrasting with the way that the authorities treated the movement in Oakland… to me, the statement represented the hope that a greater understanding and respect of free speech CAN occur amongst authority figures.

      Police brutality and police racism is a serious issue in some areas… with this in mind, I believe that it is even more important for the movement to be focused on non-violent and outreach-related tactics… it is good to be aware that there are people with ill intent who would like to see the movement fail and make a point of instigating conflict… on top of this, there are many, many people who subconsciously feed into the concept of “duality” (ie: “us-and-them”-ness)… this duality is something that human beings CAN overcome, however. The police must be reached out to (they and many others are part of the 99% as well and may not realize that the movement actually has their best interests as working human beings at heart). Reaching out to police (as fellow struggling workers) is something that was done in Egypt that I am certain did have an impact on the success of their movements. It is “duality” between human beings, after all, that causes things such as police brutality (not to mention infiltration by conflict-instigators with ill intent). The only way to really get to the root of this sort of thing is through outreach, communication, idea-exchange, consensus-building (ie: finding and stimulating common ground whenever possible), and promoting a greater atmosphere of brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity.

      • Thank you for your post. I am actually learning something. Keep your collective minds open, people…and read all the comments…

  18. A huge step in protest sanity by the Irvine Council with their approval. It gives free speech the platform and will have great respect from the Occupiers. That will prevent trouble makers from being disruptive. I have been in Orange County since 1961 and have seen everything. My daughter was raised in Santa Ana. In March of this year, She began getting involved (before Occupy) with US Uncut, starting in Jackson Mississippi. This was for the production of a timely and well researched film, to be released next year. Subsequently, it led her to Washington DC (where I was briefly involved with helping with the shooting). And then she went to Chicago, Boston, NYC, Philly, & etc. It has been gratifying to see that the thousands of Uncutters are easily morphing into Occupy. Orange County/Irvine is doing the right thing. Bravo(a)

    This Saturday, my daughter is involved with the premier Occupy event for Annapolis, MD.

  19. You might want to mention is was the Irvine City Council that did this, not just “the city council.” I know Occupy Irvine is mentioned, but other outlets (BoingBoing) are already citing a fictional “Orange County City Council.” People out there already think OC is one homogenous mass of tract housing and trophy wives – there’s no need to promulgate that impression.

    • Yes, when I found this out I was really quite disturbed that Occupy Orange County has misrepresented this and allowed so many people to have a false impression.

      • Oops, correction … it is mentioned, as “the Irvine Occupation”. Still, many people have been left with a false impression.

        • I will try to address this to the best of my knowledge. Most of our cities in Orange County are coordinating local events to come together at our Occupy Site in the City of Irvine, Orange County’s Financial District. We have come together in Occupy Orange County Ca so we might have a larger effect bringing our citizens together. Occupy Irvine is as one with Occupy Orange County.
          I have no idea how or when a City Council of Orange County was mentioned as there is no such entity. County government does not have a city council. If any of OOC publishings mislead you, I will offer that apology as a citizen of Orange County, in the City of Orange,and a participant, as I know the intent of OOC would be for correct clarity. Non-local reporters may not be familiar with our area.

  20. I just wanted to congratulate all of the brave occupiers of your county, I am so happy that cooler heads prevailed and I hope this judgement will stand as a legal president for other cities occupations.

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  22. This is great news. Just to be clear, we are talking exclusively about the Irvine Occupation in OC here? Can someone repost the specific location of the OC occupation?

    • Yes, it’s the Irvine Occupation, and it’s unfortunate that it has been misrepresented here. It’s easy to find these things out for yourself (one of the reasons that the 1% has such control is that people are, and allow themselves to be through intellectual laziness, so immensely ignorant) … just google it. They are camped out in front of Irvine City Hall.

  23. If you’ve actually responded to the help wanted ads in the newspaper, you would know that the vast majority of ads are coming from headhunters and other disreputable middlemen who will “help” you find a job after you’ve paid a hefty fee. Any specific job mentioned in the ad is a complete fiction and you have to wait in line (cost me 6 months of downtime) AFTER paying.

  24. I think your Mayor and City Council are American Heroes-American Patriots. I’m from Occupy Wilkes-Barre, (PA) and your city’s story was so inspirational. It reminds me that we have to keep protesting even with the cold weather coming. Our police know from day 1 that we regard them as part of the 99% because they too suffer financially and are subject to governmental cuts. The haven’t given us one once of trouble.

  25. Managers of this website have suppressed concerns / opinions expressed in the past. When I requested to know the why, none of them, even several days later, have deemed it worthwhile to even provide a simple reply.

    So while OOC is elated with being allowed to express their freedom of speech, they apparently have had no qualms shutting some of us up.

    The irony of this is not lost on me.

      • Jim,

        The website designers / maintenance team is well cognizant with what I’m talking about. I have found that a number of posts have been systematically “removed” by redirecting web pages. I have wondered why and so far, no one has offered any explanation.

        I understand that not everyone may agree with my grievances, but I don’t believe that just hiding web pages because someone “in power” at OOC didn’t like the thoughts being expressed is the answer.

        • Actually we have no idea what you’re talking about.


          If you’d been in the village & dealing with our jobs the very idea that we’d have time to even read all discussion, let alone adjust the site to manipulate an open conversation would be clearly laughable. – We have actual hate to contend with on the street. And 5 people building a website that have absolutely no time-synch with each other. Which is why I wrote this article in 5 minutes hunched on a bench by the front door of the city hall so I could steal their wi-fi with 13 minutes of battery left & am now reading replies in windchill @ 2 in the morning. — If our best isn’t good enough for you… come make it better.

          • Synthian,

            Thank you for your response, and especially so since it comes crafted under such uncomfortable circumstances. My continuing gratitude and best wishes to all campers.

            Yes, I want to give you the benefit of doubt and think that posts went inadvertently missing after a slight alteration or re-design of the site. However, I inquired about it in one of the earlier blog posts and having gotten no response, I didn’t quite know what to make of it.

            The old Needs page was replaced by or merged with the new Donations page. As a result, all posts on the old page were affected.

            I had posted some thoughts on the old Needs page. Most (if not all) of the responses my posts elicited were either hostile or mocking or basically a dismissal and an admonishment to keep quiet. Next thing I know, all of them had disappeared. Considering that I was what felt like the lone voice asking that we expand the sphere of our issues, and then later seeing them all gone, I couldn’t help but wonder.

            I’m less than satisfied with some of my early posts and have learned much from the responses, but it is an issue I care about. Therefore, even at the expense of my personal dissatisfaction, I’m requesting a reinstatement of those posts.

            Thank you for considering my request.

  26. A small victory, but a victory none the less! Bravo! Change sometimes happens with baby steps. Let’s just make sure we keep on taking them! Occupy now!

  27. The occupy movement is a consciousness raising effort, not a political agenda. it’s an effort to bring the issue of extreem economic disparity to our elected leaders attention, regardless of their party. Who ever is in office is going to listen to us. There wil be more and more boycotts, strikes and all variety of civil disobedience to follow.


  29. It doesn’t matter how many “Georges” and “Bobs” there are in the world, if we keep educating them, we will win this. Yelling at people that don’t agree with us doesn’t do anything but add flue to the fires of hate. The owners of the banks/corporations want us to get violent. That is how they will win. We can take back our constitution and then go from there. We will decide how we want to live, everything from energy investments to education to food production. It is time that the 99% start having an equal share in our countries investments, such as our children. Let’s start working towards what is best for our people, instead of what’s “best for business” (or the 1%). Good luck and good vibes to the rest of you out there, keep “fighting the good fight”, as they say. Cheers.

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  32. Do not despair! There are egalitarian utopias for all of us proletarians may unite in harmony with relative assurance of employment, housing, healthcare and sustenance… Russia and China. Just don’t occupy Red Square or Tiananmen Square.

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  37. I have posted several comments here already but I neglected to mention that my daughter, Arianna and I participated in Occupy Austin where we live here in Austin, Texas. My daughter is a student at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas and she drove all the way home to Austin and asked me to join her at the protest. Ironically, I had just received a notice in the mail from my mortgage holder, Bankrupt of America – oooops, I mean BANK of America, that informed me that my mortgage would be increasing exponentially . So we took that notice to the print shop, blew it up to 18 x 24, and took it down to the rally and held it up as a damn sign! I subsequently ended up on the local news and spoke at the Occupy Austin rally. That turned out to be a very emotional day. I received many hugs, words of concern and encouragement. I cried a lot that day and so did a lot a very caring strangers. A portion of the protest was streamed live on the internet and anyone interested in hearing what I had to say can plug my name into youtube and watch the video. We are in solidarity with you. Peace and love. – Andrea

  38. The Irvine community, while not entirely progressive, has been trending in that direction for some time. The City Council has some quite thoughtful people. Larry Agran is a former Irvine mayor, and when I spoke to him a few months ago, he wanted to raise taxes on the rich by a huge amount. He was the only politician I’ve ever spoken to who was more “liberal” than I am. Exceptional guy. On the other hand, Costa Mesa is a disaster area. The entire city council is run by right wing extremists who have fired basically every public worker in the city. One young man, jumped to his death from the roof of City Hall when he received his layoff notice. Orange County still has a long way to go.


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  41. Congratulations on a job well done. This is encouragement for all of the protests going on around the country.

    • Many still do not understand or empathize with this movement yet because they have not yet lost their jobs or their homes or seen their children go hungry. When those things happen to them then they will understand.

      • Go out and find work you all just give up and made the Conner look like a pig pin standing out their on a conner will not get you a job. To be honest people who act like this attracted bad behavior not good behavior. The other day the Muslim say they want to join the movement they want to collapse America. So if you hate our country so bad I ask you and your friends go to the countries that the Muslims brother hood has taken over and their is shreya Law and just because you hear things from people you need to go try it for your own self. Also you are mad be at Wall street be mad at the right people who gave them the money and pass bills or sighs them I will get you a hint gee it is the people in congress and the president who sign the bill and give our money to Wall street and big Banks. And corporate so be made at the people you voted into office but standing on a street conner and camping out will not get you the change you are asking getting off your butt and making and difference in who you vote for will and voicing your concerns to the right people instead of attracting bad behavior.

  42. Leave it to some Orange County Councilman to bray about how civil their Occupy Demo was compared to other California Cities. Orange County being mostly poor, hungry out of work homeless just don’t have the energy it takes for a more vigorous response.
    Keep fighting my Orange County brothers and Sisters we are going to send down some food so you can shut that idiot up
    Dan McMullan
    Disabled People Outside Project
    Berkeley, Oakland Occupationer

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  45. being from Irvine, this really touched me. They are a pretty conservative city, especially for California. Or at least they used to be, maybe that has changed since I was a child. How have things gone since? I have been participating in Occupy Phoenix and know it is not easy being out there, but at least the weather in Irvine is amazing.

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  47. Time to pay rent for the space. America is looking for leadership and Occupy can give it. We need a resolution to declare all commerical banks that are joined with investment banks and or insurance companies (like Citigroup) anathema, verboten, off-limits, un-american, corrupt,. This combination contributed to the great depression, thus athe “Glass Stiegel Act” that was most unadvisedly raepealed in 1999. One Sen, Byraon Dorgan N.D., took the senate floor to tell all who would listen, that we would regret this. Within 8 years we experience the beginnings of the greatest economic downturn, since 1933 and biggest theft from the 99% to the 1% in history. We cannot all be at Occupy, so those that are there are doing our work.

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